Create a Google Maps API Key

To get started using the API, you need to  access the Google Developer console. In the Google Developers Console, follow these steps:

Create a new project. 

Once your project has been created select it from the project list at the top of the screen. 

Enable APIs and Services

From the dashboard select "Enable APIs and Services".

Then search for the following 4 separate API services.

  1. Maps Javascript API
  2. Geocoding API
  3. Geolocation API
  4. Places API

For each of those click "Enable"

Create your API key

Back on your project dashboard click the "Credentials" tab. Click "Create Credentials" and choose " API Key".

Copy the key into your website under  Customize ▸ Jobs ▸ Map Settings as well as Job Listings ▸ Settings ▸ General.